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Camp NAWIC provides a supportive and nurturing environment for high school girls to explore and develop basic skills in construction and safety areas such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, sheet metal, landscaping, geology, concrete, and tile.

Camp NAWIC offers high school girls a gender-neutral environment to learn and practice new skills.

Camp NAWIC develops greater self-confidence and better self esteem for girls who tackle challenging projects and successfully complete them.

Camp NAWIC develops a safety-first attitude and “we can do it” mind set via the safety and history of women in construction seminars on the opening day of camp.

Camp NAWIC introduces high school girls to female role models who have achieved success in all areas of construction: from tradeswomen to engineers, architects to accountants, project superintendents, supervisors and business owners to clerical support. The girls learn there is room in the construction industry for their dreams to come true.

Camp NAWIC introduces students to valuable college programs, trade programs and careers.

Camp NAWIC is NO COST to the campers, and supported by NAWIC Orange County Chapter #91 and local construction industry partners.

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