Chapter Leadership

Board of Directors


President: Lisa Bates, GMU Geotechnical
Vice President: Patty League, Cummins & White, LLP
Recording Secretary: Kelly C. Sloan, Lanak & Hanna, P.C.
Treasurer: Kathy Rendon, Frazer, LLP
Directors: Kristin Cable, Prosperous Law Group
Julie Cantoni, Cantoni Plumbing
Izzi Zandvliet, City of Garden Grove
Immediate Past President: Janeen Oliver, Catalina Pacific Concrete
Parliamentarian: Gerry Robbins, Retired Member


Committee Chairpersons

Finance: Lynne MacVean
Membership: Patty League
Professional Development & Education: Janeen Oliver
PR/Marketing, Newsletter Editor: Kelly C. Sloan
Safety & Health Awareness: Julie Cantoni
Community Outreach: Kelly C. Sloan
Women In Construction (WIC) Week:
NEF Block Kids Contest: Wendy Sarmiento
Camp NAWIC: Lynne MacVean
NEF CAD/Drafting Contest: Izzi Zandvliet
NFSF Scholarship: Izzi Zandvliet